Workplace Stress

Three Steps To Being More Assertive

We often find ourselves navigating complex situations where our wants and needs feel unnoticed, unacknowledged, or unfulfilled — in both personal and professional contexts. Learning how to recognize and respond to your own needs is a dynamic and lifelong process, but might not be something you think or talk about…
Katelyn Murphy, LCSW
November 25, 2019
Mental Health Awareness

Men’s Health Awareness Month

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, a time to admire the preponderance of “Movember”-inspired facial hair, and playful subway ads bringing vital attention to men’s health issues.  The Movember Foundation has included men’s mental health and suicide prevention in their official campaign this year. In honor of Men’s Health Awareness…
Katelyn Murphy, LCSW
November 22, 2019
BullyingWorkplace Stress

The Impact of Bullying

This week, we’re focusing on The Impact of Bullying, in our three-part series on bullying.  While the consequences of bullying are far-ranging, bullying in the workplace is particularly challenging because of the simultaneous impact on the personal, interpersonal and professional level. People are social creatures, programmed towards a pack mentality,…
Katelyn Murphy, LCSW
November 6, 2019
BullyingWorkplace Stress

Bullying – Bystander Intervention

This week, we’re focusing on Bystander Intervention, in our three-part series on bullying.  A 2017 study surveying more than 1000 American workers indicated that workplace bullying may affect up to 60 million Americans. In addition to 19% of respondents reporting that they had been the target of this type of…
Katelyn Murphy, LCSW
November 1, 2019