Five ways to improve your body imageIn today’s society both women and men are sold the idea that in order to be desired and loved, they first must attain a certain “look”. This message implies that if you do not fit society’s beauty standard then you are not worthy of desire or love. If you accept that proposition you will damage your relationship with your body. You may finish up hating it.  Instead, may I propose five ways to improve your body image?

There are many ways to develop and improve your relationship with your body, including

  1. Purge your social media: Unfollow (or mute) all accounts that give you negative thoughts about your body.  Instead follow body positive and body inclusive accounts and those that portray realistic and healthy body practices. A few examples to follow on Instagram include: @​​kanoagreene, @bodypositivityformen@idontmind, @theshirarose@laura.iu, @zachmiko@itsmekellieb.
  2. Reframe negative thoughts:
    Negative thoughts: “My stomach is so big, I look disgusting- no one is going to be attracted to this”
    Reframed thoughts: “My body is healthy.  It allows me to accomplish the goals that I plan to achieve in my day.”
    Negative thought: “My arms look huge in that picture- I hate them!”
    Reframed thought: “My arms are strong enough to carry groceries from the grocery store. And long enough to hug the people I love”
  3. Wear clothes that fit and feel comfortable: your clothes can be safe garments that make you feel good about yourself. If you wear tight clothes that you are hoping to fit into more comfortably in the future, you’re developing a toxic relationship with clothing. It will punish you and remind you how far you are from your “body goals”. Shop from stores that you know will hold your size and that you know make comfortable clothing that fits your body type.

  4. Five ways to improve your body imagePay attention to the kind of people you are hanging out with. Spend less time with people who endorse unrealistic and unhealthy body goals. Instead, try to surround yourself with people who are body positive and lift your spirits. 
  5. Therapy. Lastly, one of the best ways to improve your body image is, through the help of a professional. Therapy is a great place to deepen your exploration into your body insecurities in a safe and non-judgmental place.

I hope this article helped convince you to add new healthy habits to your lifestyle. If you’d l like to further explore body image, call today to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation or to book an appointment.