Peaceful Way Psychology Announcement

Yes, We Are Open — Just Online For Now!

By April 5, 2020 June 16th, 2020 No Comments

As we’ve announced previously, Peaceful Way Psychology has temporarily suspended in person treatment at our offices at 260 Madison Ave, so as to do our part in reducing the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. However, while we are living through unprecedented and uncertain times, it’s important to remember that these isolation and quarantine practices won’t last forever. Some people are curious about teletherapy, some are completely comfortable with it, and some are skeptical. Here are three reasons why starting teletherapy with a local provider has unique benefits:

1 – Finding a therapist who is a “good fit” is the most important part of getting started. You will talk about sensitive and challenging topics with your therapist; it’s vital that you feel a degree of comfort and trust, and that you sense that your therapist is well suited to you, has compassion and empathy for your problems, and can understand your situation. Everyone on our team has experience working in Manhattan and understands the stressors and delights our city has to offer. Also, with 11 therapists on staff, you’ll have options to ensure you find the right therapist for you.

2 – Nothing beats face to face therapy. We will resume our regular, in person, service offerings once it is safe to do so. Research has shown that in person counseling yields the best results; however, getting started virtually with a provider who is local, and with whom you can meet face to face in the future, is the best step for those in need of counseling at this time. When our office reopens, you’ll have the opportunity to continue building on the work you’ve done through teletherapy.

3 – Life is going to continue to be strange for a while. None of us has a crystal ball and can predict exactly how we as a city will emerge from this crisis. But we do know that New Yorkers are tough, and that we will prevail. Our therapists can help you cope with the day to day challenges of maintaining some sense of routine, normalcy, and care for yourself as we adjust. When we emerge from this, it will be important to have support to help you re-adapt. Being able to incorporate in person therapy into your schedule may help you stay balanced as you adjust to that new normal “on the other side.”

New Yorkers are struggling to cope with the unknown and some are faced with intense feelings of loneliness; others have been catapulted into multiple roles including home school teacher and full time parent, while still being expected to maintain productivity in their careers. Add in the unprecedented crises COVID-19 has wrought in terms of medical, social and economic implications, and we have a truly historic challenge ahead. If ever there was a time to recognize that you deserve and may benefit from some additional support, now is that moment. We hope you’ll reach out if you are interested in having a consultation with a local therapist today.