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What is Sex Therapy and Is It For You

By January 21st, 2021 No Comments

Therapy can be a great step in developing your self-awareness, overcoming barriers in life, and moving towards a happier and healthier version of yourself. However, depending on your specific problems, different modalities may be more effective or specialized.

While it may sound distinct from more common types of therapy, such as CBT or psychodynamic, sex therapy is simply talking therapy designed to address sexual issues with individuals and couples. Topics can range from sexual dysfunction, medical impacts, psychological factors, or interpersonal issues affecting sex and intimacy.

Sex therapy creates an open and easy environment to talk and learn about all elements of intimate life and can easily be integrated into a therapeutic environment that covers a multitude of topics. It may involve assignments to complete and review, or simply talking through negative thoughts and narratives, and working past maladaptive coping mechanisms. Be it dating and romance or dealing with erectile dysfunction, sex therapy can help move you towards a more holistic and positive view of intimacy.

You might consider sex therapy if you experience:

  • Libido issues (discrepancy with a partner, low, or high)
  • Physical dysfunction (painful sex or erectile problems)
  • Orgasm issues (premature ejaculation or difficulty reaching orgasm)
  • Low confidence
  • Upsetting fantasies or fetishes
  • Difficulty communicating about sex
  • Uncontrolled sexual behaviors

Additionally, sex therapy can be a great place to start if you simply want to improve your intimate life for yourself or in the context of a relationship. Ultimately, if you want a place to talk about sex in a creative and supportive environment, sex therapy may be for you.