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Let’s Talk About Sex: Top Sex Positions For Common Issues

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Top Sex Positions for common issuesI recently contributed to Between Us Clinic’s survey of the Top Sex Positions for Combatting Six Common Sex Issues, and I thought I’d share my answers with you!

Issue 1: Men who want to delay / better control ejaculation

To delay ejaculation it’s important for men to be able to control sensation, so positions such as missionary, doggy, or spooning are ideal. Pick the position that is least intense or visually stimulating.

Issue 2: Men who have problems with erection strength

Erectile strength is about blood flow and being relaxed, so positions that you really enjoy and are most comfortable and most aroused by are best. This could be doggy, missionary, and good old-fashioned oral sex.

Issue 3: Couples who want to achieve deep penetration

For deeper penetration, a good addition is a modified missionary where a pillow is put under the low back or sacrum to lift the pelvis up. Another missionary modification is the butterfly where the woman lays on her back and her legs are lifted up against the man’s shoulders. This helps provide some leverage as the man can hold onto her legs to deepen penetration.

Issue 4: Couples who want to increase clitoral stimulation

One of my favorite positions to recommend for clitoral stimulation is the CAT (coital alignment technique). This involves more of a rocking while inserted motion versus a poking penetrative motion. Another classic is cowgirl, which allows the woman to control the depth and stimulation of her clitoris against her partner’s pelvic area. Always feel free to incorporate a toy as well.

Issue 5: Couples who want to increase intimacy

Intimacy is about connection and being present. Positions that put you face to face with your partner are best here, such as the rocking horse (seated in each other’s lap), missionary, or even standing.

Issue 6: Women who experience pain during sex 

For women who experience pain during penetration the name of the game is taking it slow and easy, and ensuring she is fully aroused before penetration (so don’t skimp on the foreplay). Missionary or modified missionary on a pillow are great starting points. However, everybody is different so a version of doggy style or spooning may be more manageable. Additionally, adding lubricants is very important and CBD lubes may also help relax the muscles around the vagina. And remember pain shouldn’t be present in sex (unless that’s what you are going for). Sex is so much more than penetration, so do what you enjoy.

If you’d like to read the whole article, it’s linked below! And if you’d like to talk to a therapist, call us for a free telephone consultation.

Survey Reveals: Top Sex Positions for Combating 6 Common Sexual Issues, According to 43 Sex Experts