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Let’s Talk About Sex: 7 Sex Myths We Don’t Need In 2023

By February 11th, 2023 No Comments

..7 Sex Myths We Don’t Need in 2023As we close out 2022 and step into a new year full of hope and possibilities, it’s the perfect time to identify and discard misinformation and unhelpful beliefs. And what better way to start than by leaving some worn-out sex myths behind so your 2023 sex lives can flourish? So here are 7 common myths to abandon.

  • Men think about sex every seven seconds – Seriously, where did this one come from? Pretty sure a 13-year-old boy made this up and it somehow spread like wildfire (just like that Marilyn Mason rumor about his ribs – you know the one). The reality is much less attractive, both men and women think about sex at about the same frequency as they think about what meal they will have. In fact, men don’t think about sex all day long – such a level of preoccupation would make life very challenging.

  • A woman’s vagina can become loose after too many partners – The vaginal canal is surrounded by the pelvic floor muscles and just like all muscles they don’t “get loose” with use. If penetration is easy it’s a good sign that the woman is adequately aroused. If there is resistance it doesn’t mean she is “tight” in a good way, it means there is more foreplay to be done.
  • Sex burns serious calories – While sex can be a physical workout sometimes, sorry to say it isn’t going to replace going for a run or your workout class. But it is still a good way to engage positively with your body, so feel free to incorporate it into your routine.

  • Masturbation is bad for you – There are many myths that masturbation harms you such as causing Erectile Dysfunction, women “wearing out” their clitoris, or the classic going blind. But the truth is quite the opposite, masturbation actually has a lot of health benefits. Some include releasing stress, easing cramps, and learning what is pleasurable for your body.

  • If you want great sex a big penis is a must – The reality is great sex has a lot more to do with good chemistry, intimacy, and communication than it does with whatever tool you are working with. And there is such a thing as a penis being “too big”. The vaginal canal on average can only accommodate 4-6 inches. Also, studies show lesbian women orgasm more than straight women, so no penis, of any size is essential for a great experience.

  • All women experience orgasm through penetrative sex – It is all about the clitoris baby! Clitoral stimulation can be achieved through penetration, but external stimulation is often much more consistent. Hands, tongues, or toys are all great options to get a woman to the big O. All these acts are sex. This leads to the next myth:

  • Penetration is “real” sex – In fact, penetration is only one way of having sex. Essentially, any time you share an erotic space and moment with someone – you are having sex. Sex can be oral, manual, sensual touching, or no touching at all. When you expand your definition of sex, not only does sex become so much easier and more exciting it often becomes more frequent too.

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